Picking the right hat to accompany your outfit is a must, whether for Ascot or the Windsor Racecourse.


While some might think any old thing will work, we know there is an art to this especially with every hat coming in different shapes, sizes and colours. Daniel is known for supplying high quality millinery from well-known designers such as, Suzanne Bettley, Failsworth, Max & Ellie, Whiteley. So we thought we would give a helping hand this season with picking the right hat to stand out among the crowd or to simply not show up identical to another guest.








First on our list is for those of you who aren’t new to dressing for this occasion and maybe aren’t scared of trying something a little bolder. This crinoline pleated disc by J.Bees was inspired by the hats accompanying Christian Dior’s first collection, the ‘New Look’. Its a excellent piece to channel a sophisticated, classical look.

Large Pleated Crin Disc in Black by J.Bees : £159.00



This larger hat by J.Bees is for the more mature audience who want a safe comfortable option but at the same time gives an equally elegant summer feel, with its delicate feather flowers and pastel pick hue still make a striking appearance. A good choice for the races but also a spring wedding.

Large Hat in Pink by J.Bees: £189.00



Now an option for the younger shopper who’s defiantly planned to go to ladies night with their group of friends. The lilac grey half disc by J.Bees is mounted onto an alice band making it a convenient choice when you’re trying to have a good time without the hassle of having to re-position your hat.

Half Disc Fascinator in Silver by J.Bees: £120.00



For those who have a flare for the dramatics, this fascinator is right up your alley. With its large skewed crinoline piece its not for the faint of heart, especially those new to the scene wishing to show their creative flare. Its traditional blooming feathers showcases Snoxell & Gwyther’s excellent craftsmanship and without a doubt ensures you make a statement and outdo the crowed.

Fascinator Hat in Black by Snoxell & Gwyther: £225.00



This simple but artistic piece is good for the novice making their trek through the sea of hats. Made from exceptional parasisal straw by Whiteley Hats, it’s a great entry point with just enough flare to fit in with the events. Or even for someone who’s been invited to one of the up-n-coming races but is partial to wearing these occasion headpieces.

Parisisal Mallow Hat by Whiteley Hats: £190.00


Tulip by Maddox Hats: £190.00

Last but not least is this elegantly named, Tulip hat by Maddox Hats. Its another piece on our list which evokes a 1950’s feel, a very classical, refined feel, perfect for the older customer who doesn’t want anything loud. The bow has been making a resurgence with girls, so why can’t the ladies take part in this trend-you would defiantly do so with this hat.



While that was only a few of our personal favourites, we happily welcome you to visit us in store to view our full range.